Constitution, Rules, Annual Reports and Accounts

Constitution, Rules, Annual Reports and Accounts

Stretton Climate Care is a registered charity and complies with all relevant legislation.  Details of our trustees, constitution and accounts are available on the Charity Commission website.

We are committed to transparent and open activities and you will probably find on this page more information than is required by law.

Aims and Objectives  March 2020

CIO Constitution Stretton Climate Care 4 11 14

Data Protection Policy and Procedures 25 May 2018

Rules 2016

Annual report 2018-19 final

Annual report 2017-18

Annual report 2016-17 Final

Annual report 2015-16 v4

Annual report 2014-15

Annual report 2013-14

Annual report 2012-13 

Annual report 2011-12

Annual report 2010-11

Annual report 2010-11

Annual report 2009-10

Annual Report & Accounts 2008-9

For more details of our activities and other information please contact us.

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Stretton Climate Care host regular local event for all the family.