SCC: Responses to national and local plans

SCC: Responses to national and local plans

SHROPSHIRE LOCAL PLAN REVIEW: Pre Submission Draft (Regulation 19) The next stage of the Local Plan Review is going to the Shropshire Council Cabinet meeting on 7th December 2020.

SCC Response: Shropshire Draft Local Plan 2016 to 2038, October 2020

Stretton Climate Care has responded to the draft Local Plan by making representations on a number of Policies. We were particularly concerned about the half-hearted approach adopted towards climate change and have condemned the current draft policies in the strongest terms. Our Responses are set out in five documents, one for each of the Policies to which we have responded, in the format required by the Council. Note that the response to DP12 runs to a second form:

Strategic Policy SP3 – our thoughts about the clarity needed around the Shropshire Council strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Development Management Policy DP12 – a request to encourage and promote the generation of renewable energy from wind turbines and solar farms.

Development Management Policy DP12 continued

Development Management Policy DP29 – our request for a fully integrated bus and rail service.

Settlement Policy S5.1 – our request that plans to develop Snatchfields require a robust drainage scheme from Snatchfields Brook to prevent downstream flooding.

Strategic Settlement Policy S20 – outlines the need for renewable power generation and storage.

The full text of the Draft of the Shropshire Local Plan 2016 to 2038

SCC Response: Future support for low carbon heat, July 2020

The Government Consultation document Future support for low carbon heat.

SCC Response: Environment brief of CLP by Stretton Climate Care, May 2020

You can read the full Analysis Report of the Church Stretton Community Led Plan – Household Survey.

SCC Response: Call for Evidence to inform advice on UK’s Sixth Carbon Budget, February 2020

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